Light Therapy

Light is an essential nutrient for the health of your cells. Every cell needs light. Living and working indoors fully clothed prevents us from absorbing the sunlight’s full spectrum of frequencies. Pulsed LED light is a way to deliver photons of light energy. LED lights penetrate and radiate- and infrared can reach up to 2 1/4 inches beneath the skin. Besides direct saturation, when the light is held over an acupuncture point, marma point, reflex point, or chakra, the photons of light energy enter through the point into the subtle energy channels to enlighten the meridians and channels which can effect the entrire body.

Here are some ways that others are using light:
aches mood
acne mosquito bites
aging mouth
attention difficulties muscles
blues numbness
bones pain
burns pet care
circulation pimples
cold sores plant care
cuts puffy ankles, feet, hands
detox rashes
ears relaxation
enlighten blood sadness
energy sagging skin
face lift scars
foot scrapes and scratches
freckles sinus
hair skin problems
headache soreness
hearing sleep problems
indigestion stiffness
inflammation stress
itching sun damage
joints swelling
jowl firming vericose veins
knee wrinkles
lymphatics wrinkles
This information is provided for educational purposes only. For diagnosis or treatment of disease, contact a licensed physician.