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The U.S. leads the world as the most overweight country in the world with 63% of the population struggling with being overweight and 31% characterized as obese. The rest of the population spends their time fighting stubborn areas of fat like “love handles” or “saddle bags”.

If you are one of the countless millions of Americans plagued with areas of unwanted fat, we have great news for you!

You no longer have to try diet after diet and/or exercise until you’re exhausted, only to look in the mirror and see little to no change! The revolutionary technology of Lipo-Ex® is helping thousands
of people right now lose unwanted inches and achieve the contoured body they’ve desired. With Lipo-Ex® at Healing Waters, we can remove fat on ALL areas of the body without surgery, without pain and without any change to your daily routine.

Our Lipo-Ex® technology is helping to break down fat quickly and comfortably, giving you remarkable results in ALL of the following areas:
Saddle Bags
Stretch Marks
Inner Thighs
Love Handles
Bra Bulges
Double Chin
Arms Skin Tightening etc…

Let us help you get the body you have always dreamed of with Lipo-Ex®.

Call the Lipo-Ex® experts at Healing Waters (205)323-7582 to set up your free consultation, and see what Lipo-Ex® can do for you.

Abdomen Side New Before


Abdomen Side After High res



Kelly Yohn - Before Abdomen high res     


Kelly Yohn - Before Abdomen high res copy



Micheal Skin tightenign before high res



Lipo-Ex skin tightening after