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My name is Bernadine Birdsong. I am a certified colon hydrotherapist instructor and biofeedback specialist. I started Healing Waters, Inc in 2002. Whenever, anyone comes to Healing Waters, they always want to know how I got into this business. I imagine that they are thinking “surely, no little girl dreams of cleaning colons for a living.” I guess they are right.

Although, I did originally start out college as a chemistry pre-med major. I later switched to Computer Science. In fact, I had a 15 year career as a Data Processing Manager with an International company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. But, I retired from computers in 1997 to stay home with my children and to do women’s ministry. In fact, I wrote a book entitled “A Woman’s Place” that got me kicked out of a few churches 😉 Still I loved ministry and had no intention of ever going back to work full time or owning a business. But none of that entered my mind, when my best friend Wanda got sick with systemic candidiasis and refused to go to the hospital.

You see, my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt were all nurses. So I had never heard of anyone who would not go to a doctor when they were sick. But, Wanda would not. She said that she had been diagnosed with three different types of cancers in the past and that she had undergone countless surgeries. This time she just had a gut feeling that if she went to the hospital, she would not come out.

So we prayed. Then one of our mutual friends mentioned colon hydrotherapy. She said that it had helped her husband several years prior. So, another friend and I started driving Wanda to a colon hydrotherapist out of town once per week.

At first, Wanda did not seem any better, so I asked her therapist, “how bad is she?” She said, “If she lives, she should probably come everyday for the next 5 years.” Looking back at that, I think she was just teasing me, but at that moment I was overwhelmed. I knew that Wanda could not afford to get colonics everyday. She had quit her job because she was too sick to work. What was I to do?

Wanda was divorced, and both her parents were deceased. I just wanted to keep her alive. While I was contemplating purchasing a colonic table to help take care of Wanda, my mother (Amelia) called me crying because she was being bombarded with phone calls from bill collectors. My step father, who had died of complications from lung cancer surgery had left her in a lot of debt. That was the last straw. I knew I had to do something.

I talked my mom into going with me to be certified as a colon hydrotherapist. I bought the colonic tables and opened the doors to Healing Waters on my mother’s birthday, August 19, 2002. Wanda was my first client. I used every spare penny to help my mom pay off her debts.

Both Wanda and my mother eventually came to work for me. They were the best employees anyone could ever ask for. My clients loved them. They both retired from Healing Waters in 2008 and they are both doing well.

It has been a wonderful journey. I now offer all kinds of additional services and I have a plethora of amazing stories from my clients that keep me encouraged to continue doing what I do. With the addition of the new water machine that I added to the business in 2009, I am excited to see the realization of the prophecy of Healing Waters (plural) coming to pass. I am glad that you are a part of this next chapter.

– Bernadine

FDA Certified Equipment     International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy     National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy

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