Korean-Style Hip Bath

Korean Style Hip Bath

Korean-Style Hip Bath is a soothing service that offers many pleasant side effects for those who may have problems with hemorrhoids, yeast infections, infertility issues, hormone imbalances, menstrual disorders, hot flashes, and it also helps to tighten the vagina according to Korean Folklore. It has been used among Koreans for over 600 years. In fact, many other cultures have some type of vaginal care rituals for their women. It is new to the U.S. but I believe it offers something very special. I tried one for the first time last year and I felt like something was being given back to me that had been lost or stolen. (I know this may not make sense, but that’s what I felt.) Try it for yourself, to see what you feel. I have rounded up some very special organic herbs for the cleanse. I am sure you are going to be pleased.

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